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Facebook advertising is a journey whose destination is Success. To reach that destination there are decisions to make and tasks to master. Decision one, how to get started. Which of the three current ways to use Facebook will you choose?

Facebook for business only – Facebook Business account

If you only use Facebook for management of your business pages and ad programs, you might choose this way. There are upsides and downsides in this choice. If you already have a Facebook personal profile account, you have already excluded this option.

Facebook Personal Profile for private use – Business Fan Page for business

Combining business use with personal contacts may not be something you want to do. The answer is a Facebook Fan page. The power of a business only fan page is how it opens up your business, products and services to the world beyond your Facebook friends.

Facebook Personal Profile for business and Facebook Business Fan Page

This is the option maximizing interactivity between your business and the world.

With that decision made, you are on the way. Now come some exciting and critical tasks to master.

Advertising with Facebook Task – Targeting

This is your introduction to the power of advertising with Facebook. You decide who sees your ad programs using keywords and variables covering every aspect of eight hundred million Facebook users. Your task is mastering definition of your market. The better you accomplish this task the bigger the response to your advertising campaigns. This may be the right time to call on the experts to help you aim your target dead center at the target bull’s eye for your market.

Advertising with Facebook Task – Attract and Engage

This is when you experience the control and flexibility of advertising with Facebook. Your task is directing targeted visitors to exactly what part of your advertising campaign you want them to see. There is a wide range of options, both within Facebook and without. Directing visitors to your Facebook pages multiplies your ad campaign effectiveness automatically. Another article on advertising with Facebook will explain this process, covering Events and Promotions

The second part of this task is engaging your customers. Your advertising goal is promoting content and value beneficial to your customers. By building trust you build a relationship deeper than business to customer. There are many ways to promote content and build trust at this point. Your task is learning to write Facebook advertisements with the most clarity and efficiency.

The next tasks you learn on the way to successful Facebook advertising are budgeting, and testing advertisements.

Advertising with Facebook Task – Budget Development

Effective advertising depends on competitiveness of your keywords. There are two cost models. Ad programs start by bidding and budgeting.

Advertising with Facebook Task – Testing

Maximizing effectiveness of your ads is the task at this point. Testing online advertising experience helps to get your ad program running quickly at maximum effectiveness.

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