Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Small Business Enough to Succeed Online?

In this new digital age, things change so rapidly that it is difficult to keep pace with the new advances. Small businesses cannot depend on old standards. A few years back, SEO or search engine optimization was sufficient to receive large number of traffic and have good online sales. It was only because the field of online business was not so fiercely competitive that it is today. The same product or service is now sold by thousands of sellers, resellers, retailers, franchisees and affiliates. Even after using the best SEO practices, you cannot depend on SEO only to receive the visitors who matter most. It is time to supplement your SEO efforts with other marketing initiatives in the changed online business environment.

Before search and implement other online marketing optimization options, you need to know why SEO is given so much importance and why use other marketing options. It is a known fact that before buying any product or service, most potential buyers first check related information through search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo!. At the same time, it is also known that most of them do not proceed beyond the first page of search results. If a product is sold by hundreds or thousands of sellers then only 10-20 of them who come up first in the search engine results have a chance of making any sale. If your webpage does not appear high in the search engine results then you are unlikely to make any sale. If your webpage does appear high in the search engine results, is your page designed and prepared to convert the visitor into a client?

This makes it important to think about other alternatives to SEO. While SEO still retains its importance, many more opportunities have emerged that help increase sales. Knowing about these options is important if you want to succeed in your online business venture. It is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. If for some reason your SEO initiatives do not work, then you will have reduced or no sales. However, if you have implemented other marketing techniques, buyers will keep coming to your site through other sources/channels, even when SEO fails to work.

These are supplementary options, and not alternatives to SEO. Many of these options are now well-known and have been found very effective in increasing the number of customers. Among these options, email marketing is one of the most preferred Internet marketing method. It is a simple yet effective online marketing technique. People like receiving good content in their email inbox, they want to receive information about a particular product, service or industry. While search engines provide information related to a specific keyword, the same keyword may have multiple meanings, raising problems associated with the desired information. In this matter, search engines are very inefficient. It is time consuming to shift through massive information, most of which are completely unrelated to what the person is searching. It is also difficult to trust information available on Internet.

It is because of these inefficiencies of search engines that email marketing has become so popular. Through a scheduled email (autoresponder) or a simple weekly newsletter, a person receives news, updates, and insights of experts on a particular profession, field or product. Best of all, subscribers do not have to pay anything. Because of these advantages, it is easy to get subscribers for emails. The email provides the most relevant information in a concise format. The same email is also used to market and promote products and services. It’s a win-win situation, where the business is happy with the high qualified prospect, and the prospect, because they are receiving free relevant information in their inbox.

If you are able to provide valuable content to your readers through your website and newsletter then you get recognition as an expert in your field. This helps build brand recognition and establishes you in your industry as an authority on the subject. Your words are more convincing and readers are ready to follow your buying recommendations. You can use this to your advantage and easily convert such readers into customers.

Even when search engine optimization can get you lots of visitors, it may not result in increased sales. Visitors arriving through search engines are not necessarily buyers or immediate buyers. For example, if your website has used wrong keywords then visitors who arrive at your site following those keywords will immediately leave the site because it is not what they are searching. There are also visitors who are seriously considering buying a product that you offer but they are not searching Internet with credit card in hand. They may buy the product after a few days, weeks or even months. If you cannot get hold of them when they arrive at your site then they may decide to buy from another seller when they really make a purchase.

You can avoid this happening by simply remaining in touch with your visitors and potential buyers. With the help of email marketing, you can remain on their radar. While this is one alternative to SEO there are other online marketing techniques as well. The main goal of online marketer is to receive targeted traffic, consumers who are really interested in the products or services that you offer, capturing their name and email, building your list. You can use pay per click, direct advertisements, social media marketing, blogging, video marketing, mobile marketing, article marketing and even advertising through traditional media.

In the pay per click program, you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement. The great advantage on this is that the visitor/prospect is highly qualified, since they clicked in an ad with very specific and targeted message. There is a big disadvantage though. The percentage of people that click in those ads is very low (in a range that tops around 3%).

Social media marketing has also emerged a very effective option to market and promote anything. It has become standard to have presence on networking and sharing sites. The contents on your website must be shareable. You have to use web 2.0 interactive features which involve using tools, techniques and social media sites to respond quickly to the queries, comments and suggestions from visitors and customers.

If you sell something that can be explained better through instructional video then you should take advantage of video sharing sites. You can also advertise directly on popular websites. Article marketing is an old technique but still very effective. Article directories have high page ranking and allow you to place backlinks within your article, pointing to your page(s). These backlinks are very important in getting targeted traffic and for SEO. Advertising through traditional media like print, TV and radio is an option only for large companies. You should be aware of all these available options and do not limit your marketing efforts to search engine optimization. Online marketing techniques that were standard, have changed. You need to know about other Internet marketing options and use the ones that suit your requirements, and succeed in your online marketing strategies.

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New Google Plus Local (Google+ Local)

Hello Everybody,

Last week, May 30 2012 to be more precise, Google announced the launch of Google+ Local. That’s a huge movement from Google, that will be integrated with Zagat, their restaurant-rating service (Google bought Zagat last year for $151 million). If you already have a Google Places account, notice that all Google Places profiles were already migrated to Google+ Local.

It seems that this was just the first step, and more updates will happen in the coming months. If you’re a business owner, you can continue to manage your local listing information via Google Places for Business. For now, my take on this is that this move will make things even easier for business owners to manage their listings on Google and to take full advantage of the social features provided by local Google+ pages.

I’m still researching/learning about this change, and if any interesting discovery on this comes up, I’ll post here. If any question or comment, feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Be inspired and enjoy!

Why Your Company Should Be Using Internet Marketing Now?

Do you think that Internet/Online Marketing or SEO is important for your business in Vaughan?

Why should you use Social Media to promote your business? Regardless of company size there are many reasons. In fact the smaller and newer your company is, the more important it is to get started. Every business owner needs to pay close attention to the facts presented in this article. This train, this trend, is one you do not want to miss for your own Internet Marketing benefit.

Do you remember the old adage about starting a successful business? Location, location, location! Before the age of smart phones and social media what did that mean? Why is location important? Without an excellent location a business is invisible. Doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner in Woodbridge, Vaughan or Ontario. To maximise sales a company needs a location where people passing by are those most likely to buy products or services the company offers. Poor location means higher advertising expense and lower sales. What would you pay for a location that put the special details of your company before hundreds of millions of customers 24 hours a day?

No one needs to tell you the time it takes to operate a business. If you had more time there are many ways to get your message out to potential customers. You could visit clubs, schools, local meetings and attend conventions to find more people looking for the product or service you have to sell. Yes, you could and would do that, if you had the time. What would you pay to be targeting your message, 24 hours a day, to a community of buyers who already want to buy what you have for sale?

How valuable would it be if you spent your time converting sales from customers coming to you, already excited to have found your business? How much would your sales grow if you could instantly advise your past customers about new sales products or promotions?

A strong Internet Marketing strategy can help you finding answers to those questions. Having the ability to do those things would be like hitting a grand slam every time you came up to bat.

Many small business owners are not thinking about marketing options using social media opportunities. They do not understand how Internet marketing works. That puts the small business, once again, at a disadvantage to larger companies. Social Media Marketing and the Internet levels the playing field between big and small companies when done properly. But you have to be on the field to play the game.

Your company can participate in social media. You can brand your company online or expand the brand name it already has. You can look as big and professional as any other company in the world can. Until things get up and running you just need a little advice and assistance. After a good program is in place you can make input as you see fit and learn the easy steps to update your business community on what new is happening at your business.

Online marketing possibilities exist on websites like Facebook (800 million members), YouTube, the second largest search engine worldwide, or Twitter with over 100 million active real people looking for companies and people to follow that match their interests. Would you pass up the opportunity to attend a convention to meet that many prospective customers, even just once?

What you need a company whose Internet Marketing experience is already making a difference for companies just like yours. You need to take action! Pick up the phone and contact the Online Marketing Company that you trust.

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Nowadays, businesses having a website is a must. What we do is giving them thousands of places to be found by people in multiple channels. We do that with a huge proprietary system, using social media to spread our client’s message.

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How to Create Successful Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a journey whose destination is Success. To reach that destination there are decisions to make and tasks to master. Decision one, how to get started. Which of the three current ways to use Facebook will you choose?

Facebook for business only – Facebook Business account

If you only use Facebook for management of your business pages and ad programs, you might choose this way. There are upsides and downsides in this choice. If you already have a Facebook personal profile account, you have already excluded this option.

Facebook Personal Profile for private use – Business Fan Page for business

Combining business use with personal contacts may not be something you want to do. The answer is a Facebook Fan page. The power of a business only fan page is how it opens up your business, products and services to the world beyond your Facebook friends.

Facebook Personal Profile for business and Facebook Business Fan Page

This is the option maximizing interactivity between your business and the world.

With that decision made, you are on the way. Now come some exciting and critical tasks to master.

Advertising with Facebook Task – Targeting

This is your introduction to the power of advertising with Facebook. You decide who sees your ad programs using keywords and variables covering every aspect of eight hundred million Facebook users. Your task is mastering definition of your market. The better you accomplish this task the bigger the response to your advertising campaigns. This may be the right time to call on the experts to help you aim your target dead center at the target bull’s eye for your market.

Advertising with Facebook Task – Attract and Engage

This is when you experience the control and flexibility of advertising with Facebook. Your task is directing targeted visitors to exactly what part of your advertising campaign you want them to see. There is a wide range of options, both within Facebook and without. Directing visitors to your Facebook pages multiplies your ad campaign effectiveness automatically. Another article on advertising with Facebook will explain this process, covering Events and Promotions

The second part of this task is engaging your customers. Your advertising goal is promoting content and value beneficial to your customers. By building trust you build a relationship deeper than business to customer. There are many ways to promote content and build trust at this point. Your task is learning to write Facebook advertisements with the most clarity and efficiency.

The next tasks you learn on the way to successful Facebook advertising are budgeting, and testing advertisements.

Advertising with Facebook Task – Budget Development

Effective advertising depends on competitiveness of your keywords. There are two cost models. Ad programs start by bidding and budgeting.

Advertising with Facebook Task – Testing

Maximizing effectiveness of your ads is the task at this point. Testing online advertising experience helps to get your ad program running quickly at maximum effectiveness.

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